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Cory Kloos
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I'm blown away by the quality of the lounge chair I ordered (and I am picky)! In fact, I like it so much that I'm ordering a second one. The service is excellent, and delivery was on schedule for the first one. Because they are out of stock on the specific one I want the second time around, they are custom ordering one for me at no additional cost, and were very up front about the additional wait time for delivery. Top notch.

Linda Hartford
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I found a review and article on Houzz of the Eames chair and so I looked at the furnish plus website. Right away a customer service rep contacted me and answered some questions. I decided to give it a go. The chair came so fast ! It’s gorgeous. The quality is amazing and it’s very comfortable. We couldn’t be more impressed. I’d order from furnish plus again.

Ingrid Misslinger
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It was a pleasure to deal with this company! The chair we purchased was of excellent quality, and was delivered in very short time by a very helpful and courteous delivery person. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and would certainly deal with them again! Thank you!

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About FPlus Lounge Chair


  1. Cushions are removable
  2. Chair features 360-degree swivel
  3. Chair features fixed 15-degree tilt
  4. Die-cast aluminum braces and base
  5. This item is shipped fully assembled
  6. Aniline leather is 100% real leather imported from Italy
  7. Upholstered in your choice of Top Grain, Aniline, Vintage, and Cowhide Leather
  8. Braided thread used with Lockstitch (stitch type #301) ensures piping stays in place and seams are long lasting
  9. Injected Cushions are constructed of Dacron-wrapped multi-density CA-167. This results in an extremely comfortable chair with the highest level of durability
  10. Plywood veneer is FAS American Timber. FAS certified means that they are the best cuts from the log with minimal knots. These are sourced exclusively from the USA, Canadian and Brazilian companies

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FPlus Lounge Chair

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Eames Lounge Chair ~ Classic Comfort

This is notably one of the most famous designs of the mid-century, or even now. The originals are part of museums such as MOMA in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago. You see them everywhere from the advertisements in design magazines to magazine articles featuring beautiful homes as well as interiors of some of your friends who are into designs. You may even be seeing them on newspaper advertisements, but under a different name. Oh well, they are replicas. Yes, the Eames Lounge Chair is one of the most frequently imitated around the globe due to its fame and popularity.

Onscreen Furniture Finds: Frasier Eames Chair and Ottoman

The beloved TV character of Dr. Frasier Crane appeared on our screens for more than 20 years. On Cheers he was portrayed as a slightly stuffy but well meaning Psychiatrist but it was not until the spin off show, Frasier that Dr. Frasier Crane really began to shine. Over the years, audiences admired him not only for his skills as a psychiatrist and his witty one liners, but also for his exceptional good taste. In the early days of Frasier, the character referred to the style design of his chic Seattle apartment as eclectic, explaining, if you have really fine pieces of furniture it does not matter if they match, they will go together.

A perfect example of this was Frasier beautiful Charles & Ray Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman which featured in every episode of the eleven season show on the landing alongside the huge windows displaying the breathtaking Seattle cityscape. This attractive chair design embodied the true Frasier style with its sleek leather and wood design, which beautifully combined masculinity with comfort and style. In fact Ray Eames was quoted as describing this chair as “comfortable and un-designy”.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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This concrete chair is inspired by Ray & Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Built in Singapore, it is made up of a combination of special U.S.A fibre-reinforced concrete and a limited amount of internal hardware. A thin, yet incredibly strong chair, Charles can be used both indoors and out. A limited edition of 45 sets is available.

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

La Lounge Chair è uno dei progetti più famosi di Charles e Ray Eames.

Creata nel 1956 e prodotta anche da Alivar, è ormai un classico nella storia del mobile moderno. Non solo una poltrona, ma un pezzo di cultura americana, incarna alla perfezione limmagine di fiducioso ottimismo degli American Fifty.

Vera e propria icona di stile, combina in maniera ideale raffinato design, massimo comfort e alta qualità di materiali e lavorazioni.

Ispirato alla tradizionale sedia da club inglese, l aspetto originale della Lounge Chair è definito da imbottiture di pelle abbinate a una scocca in legno scuro, su base a stella realizzata in alluminio.

Officina d Interni | Lanciano presenta un edizione di Alivar nella versione pelle Wild verde con scocca in rovere chiaro. Particolarità di questo articolo è il connubio tra l effetto “vintage” e un tatto vellutato. Prezioso manufatto per un ambiente dal sapore retrò senza rinunciare alla contemporaneità.

When the mood in the house can be designed With chair placement

Have you ever noticed the feeling while using your favorite furniture?

When asked like this, many people may have just noticed that the chairs in the dining room Sofa in the living room And a pair of chairs and a good work desk (Or chairs in different rooms Of furniture showrooms) that feel quite different

Yes Even similar chairs But if the placement is for different purposes / uses Inevitably causes different emotions as well More interesting is that When we use the chair or furniture repeatedly It will remember the emotions and feelings that occur implicitly.

Simplicity and Sophistication for Entire Room

The Eames chair was made of three pieces of molded plywood, which are the base, backrest, and a separate headrest. Each of these pieces covered with a rosewood covers, using cherry, walnut and other finishes as well. These three plywood of Eames chair were set with black or brown leather cushions and developed a matching ottoman to sell with the chair as a footrest. Eames lounge chair wood was the first Eames chair, which used a heavy rubber washer glued to the back support of the chair with a threaded steel plate to screw.

They also made a chromed steel frame, instead of wood, which are the Eames lounge chair metal that is similar in wood shells. Another type of Eames chair is the Eames molded plywood chair. It has versions with wooden legs and metal legs as lounging and it is durable. Its curved form, which almost hugs the sitter in a relaxed, upright posture, is a feature that reimagined in later Eames chairs to serve the various needs of consumers. Eames chairs will adorn your home with both the simplicity and sophistication.

It is amazing how the addition of a few modernist chairs enliven an entire room. Eames plywood chair is another design of Eames chair and it is very comfortable. The shape modeled on the human body is wrapping and cozy. This Eames chair rightfully included among the organic design pieces of furniture. In the history of design, the term organic design usually stands for furniture with fluid shapes and soft curves.

Although Eames chair is certainly

an attractive, the designer essential aim

was to create a chair that is as

comfortable as they can by making it

resemble the heat, familiarity

and comfort on the well-worn baseball mitt.

Although Eames chair originals are high-priced,

reproductions coordinate the premium

quality within the originals with the

identical design, materials together with

specifications. The Eames chair is the

perfect place to rest after a day on the

slopes in winter, or a day hiking in

summer, just to name a few of many

activities in the beautiful and adventurous.

You will have to take turns relaxing in the iconic Eames chair.

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